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A Real Estate Practice Based on Experience

At Hawkins and Sorensen, we have been diagnosing and fixing problems with real estate titles for decades. Over the years, we have built relationships with title companies, the courts and government offices that allow us to clear even the toughest title problems quickly.

Our lawyers handle matters related to both residential and commercial properties throughout the Greater Salt Lake City area and can:

  • Clear the title so that a real estate transaction can proceed when a title problem has to be resolved by a court (often called “quiet title actions”)
  • Resolve property line issues
  • Resolve buyer-seller disputes
  • Guide buyers and sellers through real estate transactions
  • Resolve disputes with lenders
  • Handle other real estate litigation

Real Estate Problems: How To Fix Them And How To Prevent Them

If a problem comes up in the middle of a real estate transaction, it causes serious problems: practical, financial and emotional. We work to fix problems as quickly as possible, getting things back on track and protecting our clients’ interests.

While we are good at resolving disputes, we often tell our clients that it is better to avoid them to begin with. It’s true: The best and cheapest way to ensure that things go smoothly is to consult with a lawyer at the beginning of a real estate transaction instead of waiting until things go wrong.

Our firm can help. We can examine and draft real estate contracts, conduct title research and provide insight that prevents problems before they even begin.

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For more information, please feel free to contact us at 801-931-6078 or complete our contact form. Consultations are free and confidential. Often, we can talk with clients over the phone and share documents over email, so there is no need to travel to our South Jordan, Utah, law office to meet with an attorney in person (unless you’d like to).

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