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Guiding You Through the Probate Process

At Hawkins and Sorensen, we represent people throughout the Greater Salt Lake City area who have concerns related to probate and related transactions. We help them by taking the legal burden off of their shoulders and assuming the responsibility.

What Is Probate, And How Can Hawkins And Sorensen Help?

When someone dies without a trust, whether they have a will or not their property has to be transferred through the formal court process known as probate. The probate process consists of five steps.

  • First, we petition the court to appoint a personal representative.
  • Second, we gather together all the assets.
  • Third, we publish notice to creditors and receive their claims.
  • Fourth, we distribute the property as required by law.
  • Fifth, we file documents with the court to close the probate.

Often, real estate is among the assets that need to be gathered, and then distributed. Because of our extensive experience in real estate matters, we have the knowledge necessary to handle real estate quickly and effectively. We are contacted by lenders, real estate agents or title companies who need our help navigating the process. We can conduct title searches and guide them through court processes related to purchasing, selling or transferring title to the property.

Probate Litigation: When Disagreements Occur

Probate usually goes smoothly. However, there are times when heirs disagree about someone’s wishes, and matters can escalate to litigation. We know how painful and expensive this can be.

Unfortunately, we have seen too many families torn apart by improper planning, disagreements, misunderstanding or outright deceit. In these situations, there are many ways you can choose to handle your property, but the best way to handle it is to contact Hawkins and Sorensen.

To talk with us about your probate concerns, call our South Jordan law office at 801-931-6078 or complete our online contact form.

One of the best ways to prevent probate litigation is to work with an experienced lawyer on an estate plan. For more information, you can visit, Hawkins & Sorensen founder, Greg Hawkins’ personal website about estate planning matters.

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