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Equine Law

With an understanding of both horses and the law, Rick L. Sorensen will be happy to assist both equine professionals and non-professionals in all legal aspects of the horse industry and horse-related business. Rick can assist owners, riders, trainers, stable owners, coaches, farriers, veterinarians, riding clubs, and business entities with various contracts, liability issues, collections, and much more.

The following are a list of agreements that Rick can draft for the specific needs of stable owners, instructors, owners, and breeders.

For the Stable Owner:

• Livestock Liens

• Barn/Stable Owner/Trainer Agreements

• Boarder Contracts, including Liability & Hold Harmless Releases

• Employee/Worker Agreements

• Fee Agreements

• Feed & Stall Cleaning Contracts

• Guest and Visitor Agreements

• Lease of Facility Agreements

• Lease or Right of Way Agreements

• Minor/Parent Authorizations

• Owner/ Vendor Agreements

• Owner/Clinician Agreements

• Pony/Horse Club Agreements & Rules

• Show, Clinic and Event Contracts

• Trail Riding Agreements

• Transportation Agreements

• Vendor Agreements

For the Instructor:

• Fee Agreements

• Trainer Services Contracts

• Release & Hold Harmless Contracts for Riders & Lessons

• Release & Hold Harmless Contracts for Horse Training

• Trainer/ Horse Lease Contracts

For the Horse Owner:

• Breeding Contracts including Stallion Issues

• Broodmare Lease Agreements

• Consignment Agreements

• Co-owner Agreements

• Donation Contracts

• Lease of Horse Contracts-Full-time and Part-time

• Leasing/Sponsor Agreements, Full and Half-time

• Promissory Notes and Installment Sales

• Purchase & Sale Agreements

• Rider Agreements

• Transportation Agreements

• Trial Period Contracts

For Equine Breeders:

• Embryo Sale & Purchase Agreements

• Mare Breeding Contracts

• Stallion Breeding Contracts

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