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Adoptions: Cases Handled Competently, Effectively and Inexpensively

At our Salt Lake City law practice, we have handled more than a thousand adoptions, including over 500 finalizations. Dozens of these cases have been contested adoptions with a great deal at stake.

Our extensive experience leaves us well-equipped to handle a full range of adoptions and adoption-related issues, including some complex and challenging cases. We can handle:

  • Agency adoptions
  • Private placement
  • International adoptions
  • Domestic adoptions in Utah
  • Interstate adoptions
  • Stepparent and relative adoptions
  • Adoptions involving children of all ages
  • Adoptions involving children with special needs

You Need A Lawyer Who Knows The System

Things usually go smoothly in the adoption process, but your lawyer needs to be prepared — just in case. Why? Over the last 10 years, Utah adoptions have become much more complex and risky. At one time, the Utah Adoption Act was designed to make it clear whether a child can be adopted.

But as judges have changed their view about the legal nature of family relationships, the legislature has tried to catch up, resulting in statutes that are difficult to apply, procedures that are uncertain and risks that are real.

While in the past an attorney who is a family friend may have been able to get through an adoption, it now requires someone who is familiar with adoption rules, practices and court staff — like us.

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