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At our Utah based law practice, we’ve spent time thinking about our mission — how we define the way we run our business and help our clients. One of our attorneys suggested that our mission should be “making the world a better place, one lawsuit at a time.”

Is it possible to make life better, just by practicing law? Absolutely. When we handle a legal matter, we take that burden off of our client’s shoulders and carry it ourselves. We handle all aspects of the case, from making difficult phone calls to advocating in court or strategically thinking through business decisions so as to prevent future problems.

We always strive to make our clients’ lives better, whether that’s making their families happier or their businesses stronger. You can see this when you work with us. That drive is in everything we do. It’s what makes us Hawkins and Sorensen.

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Salt Lake Office
206 8th Avenue
South Lake City, Utah 84103
Phone: 801-556-6605
Fax: 801-606-7710
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